About Us

ESCU Sports was founded in 2019 with the mission to bring know-how and expertise to the design process of cricket equipment. Through working with today's elite professionals, ESCU Sports designs, develops and manufactures products that are used at the highest level, by the world's best players.

Innovations to the modern game have further bolstered followers, created new legions of fans, superstar players and changed the game forever. It is ESCU Sports intention to create uncompromising equipment that meet the needs of the modern player and reflect this current landscape.

Our Philosophy

Protection and performance are at the forefront of our philosophy at ESCU Sports. We strongly believe that cutting edge equipment doesn’t need to be reserved exclusively for the cricket’s elite players, but we work closely with today’s leading cricketers to design products that meet their required level of protection and performance. Our design expertise and iterative development process allows us to deliver products that feature on the world stage but are available for all cricketers.


ESCU Sports Founder Mark Chapman
ESCU Sports Founder - Mark Chapman batting for Auckland in the Dream11 SuperSmash  ©PhotosportNZ